Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Working on next summer's research oppertunity

Finally got in touch with a professor at UCLA. He wanted a CV (Curriculum Vitae, the academic version of a resume) and more info about my past research experiences. Now this is getting more and more exciting. My first resume!!!

But then comes the sad part: My CV is nearly empty! Past research experience:1, Publications:0, Awards:0, Grants:0

I guess I'm getting my next bullet point for my next CV with this one, but will this one work? How do you show how good you are when you have no proof? Or is there any thing I missed?


Anonymous said...

Make an appointment to him and discuss
your unique and precise opinions about your interests would be a better way to fully introduce yourself.
Experience is not that important.
It is your own insight about what you're interested that he may want to know about you.

intellidryad said...

thank you very much for your input.