Saturday, January 07, 2006

Google Goodness at CES

Among all the keynotes at CES, I like Larry Page's keynote best. It's a blend of excitment, coolness and friendliness. See part of it here, where he introduces the Google video store:

The special part of Google video store, is not only the easy way of searching for what you want, which is expected of Google, but some fun innovations, like: they've got a Google video player, that lets you only choose to watch the good part of the program :)

But here's the surprise. You can download to an iPod or a PSP, which means that this is on a colision course with the iTunes video store. And, the video you get at Google is clear and of good resolution for you to watch on your PC; which is, contrary to the pathetic resolution you get from iTunes (only good for watch on a tiny iPod screen) Now, let's see how Steve Jobs is going to react :D
They also announced the Google pack, which is a whole package of what they think are "must have apps" for your PC.
Google Pack
In addition to the great Google colection of freebees, namely, Google desktop, earth, toolbar and Picasa, here's the unexpected:

  • google pack screensaver
  • Get Firefox! with google toolbar!!!
  • Ad-aware
  • Norton antivirus with 6 months of free definition updates!!!
  • Adobe reader 7
Wonder how they get to give out free Norton AV... But Google sure is genorus.

The package comes in the form of a software updater that installs the latest versions of those software, and updates them for you. Anyone who lacks the above tools may get them now. I, however, am not downloading, because I've already got them all, except the screen saver. But it sure feels good to see the coolest company on the web spreading Firefox ^^

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