Saturday, January 07, 2006

Good bye old friend

It's a day to say goodbye. I've always dreaded this day, but knew it had to come.

Yesterday my Clie NX73v busted my 1gig memorystick again, a sign that I can't go on using it any more. (My clie ate my memory stick...) After about 2 and a half years of use, it's now chiping paint off, has a dead camera, a dead power slider, has a bad connection in the hindge part, has spontaneous crashs due to the shorts in the hindge, a self shorting memory stick slot with read/write errors (which busts sticks), and a shakey CF slot. What's more I was doing extensive use that requires launching huge programs from the card, becaue it has a tiny on board RAM.

I now officially switch to my new TH55, and quite enjoy the huge RAM, which is 3 times that of the NX73. The built in WIFI, the battery life and the new Clie organiser is also superb. However, I miss the brighter and beautiful screen, the thumb board, , the faster CPU, the audio remote, the built-in TV remote IR port and the metalic feel of the casing. There is no doubt that the NX series is the high end, while the TH is the mid end, thus the less features and lower price. But the NX is an older model, starting to feel inadequate for the latest software out there. Expecially when you can now easily find games that is so big that it can't even fit on the NX. I might consider sending the NX73 for repairs once again, but that might cost at least half the price of a TH55, since the problems are quite big, and I've got to send it to Japan.

But for now, I'm using the TH55, experiencing the amazing battery life and smooth operation. Big memory really makes everything smooth, stable and blazing fast, except for the occasions that require faster CPU speeds. At least I'm happy to say that the transition between the 2 devices are very smooth, since they are very similar. Oh well, move on, and wish the TH55 will live long enough till the next dream device (maybe a PalmLinux one?) comes out.

As for my good old NX? It exchanged places with the TH and now takes the place as Dad's "Sudoku machine"! (lol)

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