Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bike rentals in European cities

I've always thought I got to take advantage of the great public bike rental programs if I visit one of those bike friendly European cities, but as in this article, turns out those rentals wouldn't accept US credit cards. But I sure am happy to read that many hotels are providing bike rentals, a trend that's also popular in Taiwan. If I don't have my own bike with me when I get the chance to visit Europe, then I guess I should look for hotels that provide them.


Elizabeth CheerFun said...

it's free in Zurich :)

From May to October, in Zürich, you can hire any of over 200 robust City Bikes completely free of charge between 8am and 9.30pm, seven days a week. Bikes can be picked up at the following locations against presentation of a valid form of ID and a deposit of CHF 20: Globus City, Oerlikon-Swissôtel, Opernhaus, Bahnhof Enge. Bikes are available all year round from the Velogate at the main station

intellidryad said...

Cool, but would passports be allowed as a "a valid form of ID"? Many of those programs are only for citizens of that country.