Monday, July 10, 2006

A walk in Westwood village

Today, after dinner, I set out to the streets in search for a bicycle store, also, to explore the surroundings of UCLA.

So, I pulled out my Clie handheld, with maps loaded on Earthcomber and walked out heading south. Earthcomber found many of the resturants and banks in the area, but didn't list bike stores, since that's not what a normal tourist would look for.

Westwood is a beautiful town. Most buildings are less then 2 stories high and have an intresting Spanish style that is common among Californian cities.

The streets are stright and wide, and lined with palm trees, adding to the sunny feel of sourthern California.

A Haggen-Dazs ice cream store, nostalgic brick styled building. I'll bet there would be a long line in front of this store if it opened in Taipei.

Westwood village is like a mall in that there are guide maps in corners of the streets, with listings of stores. So with the help of the guide, I finally found "Helen's cycles", only to notice that it's already closed at 7pm. From looking inside the windows, I can see that it's quite spacey, and the front window is filled with Cannondales. Maybe I'll try some other day.

Intrestingly, I noticed a psychic near the bike shop. It's got neon lights reading "palm reading" and "tarot cards", and there's peculear head shaped ornaments and curtains, much like in the cartoons :D

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