Thursday, July 06, 2006

First day of my summer trip 1

Jul 4th...
Went biking the day after my final exams ended, then invited friends to my house just after I came back from the trip, and today, the day after that, I’m on my way to the US. Never had such a tight schedule, but this sure is my idea of an efficient use of time.

A tight schedule is sure tiresome, as I woke up this morning with an sore muscles all over and a stomach ache. Packing this year is especially challenging, since my backpack is quite small and I’ve got a Macbook to stuff in. Worsening the situation, I’m staying for 2 months and doing lab work this summer, so I’v got to pack in more clothes and some materials for my research.

Also, I need to pack in my GRE preparation stuff. The result is having to bring an additional bag, which is a first for me whose used to stuff it all in one single backpack.
And so we arrive at the airport, TPE. We are boarding from terminal 1, but JAA is changing to terminal 2 soon, so I’ll be at new terminal 2 when I come back, sweet.

The food at the airport is real expensive. (No wonder most of the resturants of 2 years ago are no longer there)They've got beef noodles for 160NTD, twice the normal price. There's also a Burger King, which has each meal only 5NTD more expensive then normal. But we, brought our own food, and a coupon for Burger King's onion rings^^

The plane we took was not painted as a normal JAA plane. It's, instead, a special paint, with beautiful flowers and a humming bird. It says "Reso'cha" and "JALways" on it. Looks beautiful. Even the inside is decorated with nice graphics of those flowers and hummingbirds.

Nice food, Japanese cold noodles, mango jelly and sashimi salad. There's even free French wine^^ The main dish is curry beef. I wanted the "Japanese special", just to know what it is, but I somehow slept over the lunch time, so, no choice. Later on, Mom said that the "special" on the menu was fish.

Narita Airport is still beautiful and clean, but I don't like the fact that there is no free WIFI.

... It late, guess I'll post more when I have time.
You may see my photos first, though.


theory_of_everything said...

Hi Intellidryad
this is the first time for me to post in your blog, hope you don't mind...

I, too, had a similar experience. In addition to the same tight summer scheudle, I also took JAA from Taipei to Narita, then JAL from Narita to Chicago. Too bad though, I did not experience the Reso special flight. But I loved JAL's flight attendants' service attitudes and cuisine!
Surprisingly, I did order the Beef Noodle soup in the airport. It was not very traditional and was very expensive, but at least it gave me a wonderful last taste of Taiwanese food.

Where is your lab?
Hope that you will have a great research experience!

intellidryad said...


Of course, I welcome anyone but ad posters to comment on my blog :)

I'm at UCLA.

A good summer to you!