Sunday, July 09, 2006

First time into the GAP

I usually wear crappy clothes, just get the ones that fit and are comfortable. But then I had the thought to look better. So I told my self that I should get better looking clothes is summer.

My cousin suggested that I goto a GAP store. So there I went.

It was really cool and trendy and everything, but not the kind of place I'm used to be. The on sell price is just slightly higher then the normal cheep stuff that I get, so I went on and picked a pair of jeans. They've got a lot of spacious trying rooms and even buttons for calling for help on picking the right size. I picked the most conservative style of jeans, just plain blue, no wear and wash marks, no holes. The fancy one, although more trendy, just isn't my style.

Then I went on to look for a shirt. Most of them look good, really good. But then suddenly, out of nowhere, I've got a strong feeling that I don't belong. I'm used to the crappy discount stores, not fancy stuff, even if they're on sell. I feel like a dumb old villager in a city of vogue. So I put back the shirts, and only got the jeans, thinking that I might as well just wear cheep and wrinkled T-shirts with the jeans...


Later, as I walked down the isles of a cheep and messy Wal-mart, I feel much more comfortable and got the feeling that this is where I should be...


It's kinda strange that I prefer cool gadgets, such as the glossy Sony Clie TH55, the white and shiny Macbook. I even want my bike to have a good combination of colors when picking components, and want to wipe my bike clean and shiny. But for the looks of my self, I wear clothes from discount stores, I prefer my hair to be short and don't prick at my ears or neck, never caring about the style. I look like a man of the slums using cool gadgets. I am a GEEK.

If I really want to look good, guess I'd need a friend that knows how to look good to drag me around and make me buy this and that, like in one of those movies. But in reality, geeks make geek friends. So, whatever. On making a good visual impression, I give up. I feel like a fish out of water.

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