Sunday, July 09, 2006

My temparary phone

Last Friday, when I was attempting to go back to where my family is, I some how took too long on the bus that took me from UCLA to Holywood, where I transfer to a subway and then to a train to San Bernadino. I took about 1 and a half to get to the subway station (including waiting time), and, realizing that I can't get the last train, another 1.5hr to get back to UCLA. A full 3 hours, I was unreachable to my family.

So, we got a new phone, that was just needed for the 2 months in the US.

Got the cheepest phone, 20 bucks, and added 20 bucks of airtime. I chose Virgin mobile mainly because it has the cheapest phone model, plus, it's not Motorola, which has the worst user interface that I know of. It piggy backs on the Sprint network, a great one. But other then that mentioned above, I hate the corporate image Virgin is trying to make. It's all flashy and colory, more like what they think a teenager would like, which, in my view, is tasteless and stupid. It's filled with dumb ugly wallpapers and ringtones of electronic sounds. I don't like them. I set my ringtone to the normal phone ring. Also, the customer service line is answered by a stupid unintuitive computer voice recognition system. The automated answers are in the language of kids, unprofessional and confusing. Also, you need to read keywords to make your choice; I prefer the old way of pushing numbers, or yet better, talking to a real human operator. The nice thing is that once you get a real service personal on line, the service is quite nice.

Crappy flashy phone, but it does the job. 2 functions to note: a painfully slow "web browser" to check your account and download ringtones and stuff; the most retarded function that you could get on a phone: a built-in LED flashlight.

This was never my idea of my first color screen phone :P

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