Monday, December 05, 2005

Upgreading to Firefox 1.5

Upgrade to Firefox 1.5!
(First of all, if you don't know what's Firefox, see an intro here.)
I just upgrade last week. The most significant difference I felt was the launch speed. Firefox 1.5 sure is much faster then 1.07! And the updated pop-up blocker does work better. The previously leaked pop-ups are now successfully blocked. Not much more stuff to make you say "wow", though, since Firefox 1.07 was already pretty much refined. But please do upgrade, because the new auto-update feature keeps you up-to-date with the latest security update, keeping you safe.

There was some minor problems, though. I did some research before I made the jump to 1.5, and I found out that the Adblock extension had some incompatabilities with 1.5. You have to uninstall it, upgrade and then goto and get the newest version. Also, the PCman extension (which is no longer updated) that I used as a telnet replacement, no longer worked. (Untill I found a modded version of PCman here) As for themes, I previously used brushed, which is not updated yet, forcing me to switch to iFox.

Other then that, all seems fine. So if you're plaining on updating to 1.5, remember to make sure the extensions and themes you love are updated to work with 1.5. And remember, after the upgrade, there's no going back unless you make a new profile.

Happy upgrading!
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