Sunday, December 04, 2005

Trying to fix my Clie

My camera on my beloved Clie NX73 suffered a rough drop to the ground last week when I accidently dropped it falling asleep in class...

Now that it's dead, and I don't like the idea of sending it back to japan at the cost of at least 2000NT dollers, I got a set of those 5T tork screw drivers and went on to dismental my most expensive toy. As you can see I took off the battery and CF card slot covers first.

In the middle of the picture, you could see how weak the plastic power switch is inside. This is my second switch, which costed me 2000NT for the repairs.

And over all view , notice that there are sponges that are ment to block out dust. Also notice how sophisticated and crowed it is inside. Most non Sony models just simply have everything on the mother board. I couldn't find a way to open up the camera module, and the ribbon cable look OK, so I could only give up, and put it back together. At least I managed to keep do no harm and it's still alive, though. (whew!)

But, no more camera, no more pictures. Now, does this mean that I should start looking for a good slim camera, or just use my TH55, instead? Neah, I guess I'll stick with my NX73. The audio remote is still very useful.
(All pictures took with my TH55, which, if you don't know, is my 2nd Clie PDA, my replacement whenever I have problems with my NX73.)

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