Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Korean played Starcraft to death

Read it on BBC news

Well yeah, it's quite shocking and sad to Europeans or Americans, but we're already used to seeing this in the news from time to time here in Taiwan.
However, the previous ones dies of those new internet RPGs from Korea, which I wasn't quite intrested in, while this one died playing my favorte PC game.
But, here's how I keep alive: I kept being killed/defeted in the game that the lack of accomplishment overwhelms me and I soon loose intrest. But since it's a game of good quality, I come back once in a while to be defeted and back off--again. By the way, it's the only PC game that I play in the past 5 years. Newer computer games are becoming more and more sophisticated that I am simply too lazy to figure out how to play. I now only play games on my PC on an average of about once every 2 months.

Games on my Palm are becoming more satisfying to me. Due to the limited resources on a handheld, most of the games are easy and simple. Games like Bejeweled are easy and can always be finished in minutes. Now that's what I call "instant gratification". Thus, I play Bejeweled more often then any other game on any platform.

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