Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Google's answer to Konfabulator?

Google just released it's 2nd version of it's desktop search software. Like most other google downloads, it free to individuals. The biggest difference to it is the addition of a "sidebar" (just as in the image in the left), which shows info from the web such as news, RSS feeds, weather, stocks, and a search field for searching files on your computer or googling the web. (Additional add-ons could be downloaded to add more functions, just like Konfab's "widgets")

However, doesn't this seem similar to Konfabulator, which Yahoo just bought? Looks like delivering webcontent to your desktop recently got hot. Konfabulator sort of pionnered that idea, with great eye candy; then Apple built a similar function called Dashboard into the latest MacOS X Tiger; then the concept showed up in sidebar form in copy-cat-Micro$oft's preview of Windows Vista(the next version of windows, which was codenamed Longhorn) Now, Google also did a sidebar and released it.

Look very useful, simple and functional, however, this time, I like Konfabulator's eyecandy better. This is the first time I favor Yahoo's product instead of Google's I guess. But what I chose was bought, not made by Yahoo, anyways. And maybe I could just use the desktop search without the sidebar :D

By the way, Google desktop is for Window$ only, while Konfabulator works for both Windows and Mac.

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