Saturday, August 13, 2005

Accessing PubMed on a PDA!

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I just noticed a PDA freeware (both Palm and PPC supported) from the National Library of Medicine called MD on tap, which is " an interface to the MEDLINE database via a device that you tap"
It is a software for searching the MEDLINE database using the PubMed search engine via wireless net connection. A great way to find papers relating to your research. As it even faster then search from a PC, since it's not a browser, it saves the time of rendering HTML webpages, and only sends the content, in pure text to you, and sometimes with a link so you can also view it by the normal way in HTML.
Had a great pleasure with it, since it's simple yet powerful, and extreemly fast.

Now people in the bio/medical field have another reason to get a wireless PDA :D

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