Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Alright, so searching is the future if computing?

I've recently had some great experience with the "new" way of using a computer: searching, both with Apple's spotlight and Google's desktop search v2.

Both gave instant search results, which gave me a thought of using it to launch applications. Well yeah, it's convenent, fast and simple to launch programs this way. But what's so special about it? What made it be emphasized by Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and others so much?

Yeah, is sure's much better then digging in a crowded start menu or applications folder in finder. But, so what? People had always been able to launch programs in this fast and simple manner with command bassed OSs, such as DOS or UNIX. Adding this way of launching programs is just a fix to the crapy GUI(graphical user interface) that someome screwed up in the past.

So don't be too suprised at how this "non-graphical" user interface works so well, it's just taking a page from an old book.

By the way, the start menu is the biggest crap in windows that I hate the most. Could never guess who came up with this kind of junk that wastes precious time of thousands around the world.

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