Friday, July 22, 2005

PSP firmware update2.0! (for japan)

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Hay, intresting update, makes the PSP a more mature product.

Here's what I can get with my clumsy Japanese. If you're Japanese, you can read it here:
or better, correct where I'm wrong :)
-A browser (finally! But I doubt it'll be easy to surf the web with a D-pad)

-Jump function?(what's this?)
-A-B repeat (repeat playback between 2 points)
-4:3 video mode added
-Mute function added
-New format supported for the memory stick: MP4(AVC)(what's different from the original?)

-ATTRAC3 format supported for MS PRO DUO with use of Sonicstage 3.2! (Horray! Can we use ATTRAC3 in MS PRO with clies also? :D )
-AAC and WAV file playback supported (great!)

-You can now set wallpapers!
-Photos can be receved(with what? IR photo transfer from a clie?)
-TIFF、GIF、PNG、BMP formats supported

Korean menu option, font selection(I guess), theme settings, browser launch restrictions, security settings, "WPA-PSK(TKIP)" security supported(what?), keyboard input to web supported.
Oh yeah, the update will be avaliable on July 27. The file you get now from the link is ver 1.52.
14MB on the MS needed and the file should be under /PSP/GAME/UPDATE
Wonder if this works on models not bought in Japan, can't find a warning that says you can't.

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