Friday, July 22, 2005

The eXPerience

Here is my "eXPerience"with window$. Since "Micro$oft" used to tout the "new eXPerience" of XP, here's a discription.
(Just reinstalled XP again, and much thanks, it wasted me at lease 7 hours of life, including the reinstallment of my applications and drivers. Yes, my computer is running smooth now, but don't expect it to hold for more then 4 months)
Welcome to the great experience of XP.
It gives you a chance to see the "safe mode" everyday, which you rarely have the chance to see in previous versions of windows.
We've minimized the chance for you to see the infamous "blue screen of death", so that you won't know what hit you when your computer freezes up.
We've also included new features, for example, "system restore", which you well be seeing with every bootup!
New Monthly updates require you to pause your work and reset the system constantly.
Also new, we invite you to experience the world of "reset loops", which is also a new feature! It altomaticaly reboots your computer when you try to turn on your computer, everyday before windows is completely loaded, add tells you that windows didn't successfully load. from here, you have the choice to try the new feature of "system restore", or enjoy the extream security of "safe mode". And also, "reset loops" allows you to enjoy the floating flag of the windows logo several times a day!
But here's the best feature yet! The reset loops make you reinstal windows every six month, which allows you to remember your windows CD key or even be able to recite lots of micro$oft propaganda!

Enjoy your eXPerience with XP!

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