Monday, July 27, 2009

Eat a lot of Blue Dye if you break your spine

PHOTOS: Blue Rats Move Again After Food-Dye Injection

W. Peng, et al. PNAS 2009, Systemic administration of an antagonist of the ATP-sensitive receptor P2X7 improves recovery after spinal cord injury
| Nat Geo | Wired
This is very cool, (oh, and that blue rat is really cute) blue food dye No. 1 prevents inflammation right after spinal injury, and thus an injured rat could fully recover within days! The funny thing is that this dye is so cheep that there would be no pharm company to sponsor clinical trials for this. Well, patients could always eat boat loads of blue Jell-o or copious amounts of blue Gatorade......

The PNAS site is down, and this article isn't on PubMed yet, so I still can't find the original publication. Maybe this artical is so hot that the PNAS website is experiencing a DDoS-attack-like issue.

Update: Seems that I'm only experiencing issues with PNAS in the lab, got home and got the paper^^

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