Saturday, August 01, 2009

Japanese home style food truck (日本媽媽愛心便當?)

I've heard wonderful raves about this Japanese food truck at 34th and Market street, right in front of the Drexel library. "It's a little expensive but it's real home style Japanese food" is how he described it. Will I guess hearing that statement from a Japanese really means a lot. So last Friday I found my self walking all the way to Drexel, diagonally trekking though 3 big blocks, while wondering all along if I was crazy, why I didn't just ride my bike...... ?

The food truck didn't had a name, but a really simple yet eye catching slob of wood, with a short menu written in stylized Japanese calligraphy. There was just one very cheerful and talkative Japanese lady in there (ママさん?) My roommate recommended 丼かつ fried pork rice box, but it was sold out, I'm not so fond of teriyaki (照焼き) chicken, so I tried the "hamburger meat rice box" (ハンバーグ弁当/漢堡肉便當) the food truck lady recommended.

So I ended up back at the lunch room with this $6 lunch box and a $1.5 can of imported tea. The tea I knew was extremely good so I knew the price was worth it. This really is the most home style food truck I've ever saw, down to the conventional colored paper tower. And that paper molded box is special, too.

And here you have it, pickled veggies, pan fried little hot dog, Japanese fried egg/omelet (玉子焼), and pan-fried hamburger steak lightly glazed with teriyaki sauce on Japanese white rice.
Looks exactly like the box lunches the high school students had in Japanese anime, I guess I really am getting "a taste of Japanese home". And it really is the best tasting food truck I've ever had.

I don't understand why the Japanese like to cut hot dogs into this shape then pan fry them, but again, this is just like on TV :D

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