Friday, June 19, 2009


Some links to sites that would suggest some unusual points of interest in Yellowstone. I want to visit some places that your typical tourist wouldn't visit.

By the way, maybe it would be fun to think outside of the tourist mindset:
Think not where are the most popular points of interests, but what I want to see, what I want to do...... What I want to get from this trip. I want stories of experience from a trip, not just checking out points as if collectibles. Maybe someday you meet a new friend: "Oh I've also been to Yellowstone" Your typical tourist would say "I went to here, here and here", and the new friend would go, "Oh, I also went to here, here and here". Yet it would be great if you said, "oh, I did this crazy thing there and saw this and that..." Stories are always better then bullet points.

Hmm... I want to try kayaking or rafting, swimming in the wild, hiking in the backcountry. And if I could find a foldable mountain bike, definitely want to try that too, in the REAL Wild, Wild West.

Info on bears
I guess I scared someone with a book that's intended to be funny...... (oooh, bears love that Sneakers bar in your pocket......) so here's some information on how to avoid bears:
Yellowstone backcountry
Backcountry planner (pdf file, this contains the best, complete instructions)
Short intro on Bear encounters
I guess we should get some bear spray (pepper spray)

Info & documents to get hold of
  • A good map
  • Bear info (got it)
  • Backcountry permit
  • Wolf observation sheet
  • Watching Yellowstone & Grand Teton Wildlife by Todd Wilkinson

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