Saturday, June 06, 2009

Palm Pre is a huge disapointment.

  • It lags just as bad as the iPhone, albeit much better then the G1
  • The apps/functions that come with the device right out of the box is only half of that of similarly priced feature phones
  • It takes at least 5 seconds to launch the calculator (typical app launch time, partly due to the fact that Sprint's demo video is running in the background, wanting to launch it self every 5 minutes)
  • Multitasking is great, but it runs out of memory fast
  • It's very difficult to select text for copy & paste, even harder to figure the short cut to do the copy & paste. To copy a sentence, to takes me 2 secs on my Palm OS Clie, 3 secs on a Sony Ericsson flip phone (that's just $50 with T-mobile contract), but 30 secs on a Palm Pre. 25secs of that is just to get the touch screen to select the right segment of text.
  • There's only 2 language options: English & Español
  • The PDF reader & document reader is only for email attachments, you cannot download a PDF file from the browser and read it (no paper reading on this phone)
  • WebOS 1.01 still has some bugs, the copy & past short cut doesn't work


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