Sunday, September 21, 2008

[開箱] Cateye HL-EL210 5x LED bike light

In a strange mood this afternoon, didn't feel like doing anything serious, so wondered off 2 miles away to Performance bikes at Penn's landing. I walked in without intending to buy anything in particular, but I sure do need some gear (like brake pads, spear innertubes, headlight, tool pouch, gloves......) that I didn't bring over from home. To my pleasant surprise, they had a midrange Cateye LED light on sell, 50% off an original price of 30 bucks! That's even cheeper then the cheepest low-end light in the store! Never saw this good of a deal, and so good it was, it seemed to be all sold out, and the rack was empty. But luckily someone took one and missplaced it one the gloves rack, where I fetched it up.

Surprise, there is still stuff made in Japan.

The main light, looks pretty sleek. There's 5 white light LEDs in there.

Let's open the lower compartment, and other then the handle bar attachment, there's batteries in the package, cool!

Here's a close up of the additional stuff.

Hay, the free Toshiba batteries are alkaline! Cateye really is packing some good value in that small package.

The battery compartment. Once you inserted the batteries, getting the batteries out once again is as easy as praying open an oyster.

It's fairly bright, not the best, but a nice balance between brightness, battery life and price. As with most LED lights, the light color is some where between white and blue.

Now I'm better equipped for night riding.

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