Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Drying up

My blog is drying up...
But that's just because I'm in the middle of my finall exams.
Yet, it'll be dryer next week, as I go biking for 5 days :D

Oh, well, here's a little venting...
Where is my Macbook?
I was told that it would be shipping on about 6/10~6/15. It's now 6/21 and the store still has an empty stock. Stupid Apple Taiwan... They shipped plenty of the expensive black models, while letting the cheapest white ones deplete. Now, they're like:"If you can't wait, just pay more for the black." But hay, that's one of those unethical sells tactics, isn't it called "foot in the door"? Of course I'd like a black Macbook, but I can't afford it, and besides, if I could, I'd just go with the lighter and cooler Sony Vaio SZ.

So now, I've got 3 options:
1. Wait untill Sunday and test my luck
2. Just go get it in the US
3. Fine, I get to save my money, and just stick to my handheld. Then, no cyclub site updating, no BBS posting/replying, no photo uploads to Flicker, and blogging in English and Japanese only (no Chinese posts). (Oh, and no more Pandora.com radio nor Skype, crap...)

The last one seem like the most likely to happen. Fine, I'd have a lighter load on my back and backpack.

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