Saturday, September 03, 2005

Oops! Forgot to celebrate my blog's aniversery

It's been pretty busy for the past few days that I forgot about it!
Anyways, more then 1 year has passed since I started bloging August 27 of last year.
I've tried many different title backgrounds before I settled down with this one. Changed my overall posting style every once in a while, and traffic has gone up and down with the popularity if the content.
Posting frequency has dropped last month due to my busy life style and my mood. But I now started to type more and more on my PDA, and posting has gone up again.
Also, I guess this has turned out to be mainly an English blog, rather then a multi-language blog. I originally tried to post in both English and Chinese to appeal to more readers, and tried Japanese postings for fun, but turns out that most of my thought are in English, so I got tired of translating stuff. And Japanese postings once scared off one of my friends from reading my blog, so I'm dropping it, I guess.

Well, blogging has been an intresting hobby for the past year, and I'd continue doing is for as long as I have the time to, and thanks for reading!!^^

Speaking of languages...
I now think and take notes in English, jot down todo lists and appointments in Japanese, and Chinese has become only a language of speech and reading for me... Looks like something's happening to my "Language-switching mechanism" in my brain...:P


Anonymous said...
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intellidryad said...

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icetimer said...

Well this is indeed a nice blog full of gadget information and other update useful stuff!Besides, I did learn some English from your blog^^
blog is really a good invention,I didn't open a board in the bbs since I prefered brighter webpage, and I can do more decorations here than in the bbs.
oh, you did remind me of my blog anniversory, i'll celebrate then, haha...