Friday, November 05, 2010

Simple, rapid note taking

Ever since I stopped using my Palm OS Clie TH55 to take note, I have been looking for a nice, simple way to take notes. The best note taking solution should be fast with no distractions, essentially a blank space waiting for you to fill up with your ideas. The Memo application in Palm OS was the best of them all, launches within half a second (faster then you can ever open a physical notebook), then you open a new page and start writing, simple as that.

Migrating on to webOS has left me without a good notes solution, and I never had a good one on my computer. Until I found the combination solution here...

>Notational Velocity
Launch, and start typing, all from your keyboard, no mouse clicks required. And it's free, too. I can't imagine anything better then this.

Then I noticed that Notational Velocity can sync with a web service called Simplenote. I created an account and realized it's in the same simple spirit as Notational Velocity. Sweet.

So why sync my notes with the web? Enter Noted, for webOS. This little sucker sits on my Palm Pre phone, and syncs with Simplenots. Viola, I have my notes accessible from every web-connected device I have. Sadly, this is also the weak link in my whole note taking solution. This app costs around $1.50, and takes a couple of seconds to sync with Simplenotes. It should sync automatically in the background without you noticing, just like Notational Velocity. Hope future versions would be better.

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