Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Toyota Prius is annoying

Or let's say it's irritating because the following:
- Audio and AC controls are both hidden in that touch screen, which requires full attention to control, keeping your eyes off the road.
- That touch screen lights up the cabin in the night, making it hard to drive, and then you have to try to turn it off.
- Both brake and gas paddles are so soggy that they feel like two pieces of sponges.
- Why do you still need to plug a plastic fob into a plastic socket when it's supposed to be "keyless"?
- The gear shift lever is a freakin' joystick.
- Half of the trunk is occupied by that huge battery.
- Because that oversized battery is so heavy, and the engine so small, the Prius struggles on highways, gobbling more gas then other similar sized cars.

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