Sunday, May 02, 2010

RIP Continental Airlines

Continental, my favorite airline in the US, just got eaten alive by the one I hate the most: United.

I guess it's time to say good bye to clean-as-new cabins, comfortable seats and free airline food. The last US airline that treated passengers as real humans just died.

I guess all we can do is wish some foreign airline (like Virgin) expands it's flights in the US.

They've got a new website for this, turns out the new "United" would be using the Continental logo, how weird.... United CEO would take over as Chair while the Continental CEO carries out the actual operations. Let's see which company's culture is stronger. If Continental's attention to passenger comfort takes over at the new United, this might be a good thing.


Marie said...

I always remember the lady on CO flight refused to give me one more chicken & cheese panini -- that was the best airplane food I ever had. CO sucks!

intellidryad said...

That's a quite funny reason for hating an airline, LOL

Especially when it's because they were serving good food. (As far as I know they were the only airline in the US that actually serves free food)