Thursday, April 08, 2010

iPhone OS 4

It's announced, and it has "limited" multitasking.

But hay, how can they make the UI so UGLY?! (No, it is so ugly, I'm not posting pictures here, to protect your quality of vision) The previous iPhone OS UI was clean and decent, now they took that and layered on ugly stuff. What's up with that studded metal background for picking background apps? More of the same crap for the so-called "app folder" popup.

And how to close a running app? Tap and hold the icon until the little close button shows up. Right, imagine doing that for 5 apps for a row... Seems easier to just throw the iPhone at a wall.

And I thought Android 1.0 was ugly enough, Apple just snitched the title for king-of-no-taste-design from Google. Android 2.0, on the other hand looks decent now.

How had times changed? Microsoft made the ugly Win 95, which looks like a night mare; then Apple came out OS X, the pioneer of polished modern UI looks. Now Microsoft's Windows phone 7 actually is a looker; while iPhone OS 4 is a downright disaster.

Palm's webOS is looking all the more fabulous......, and functional, too.

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