Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Trying to prove they are worth their pay...

Regardless of the nature of any institution, there are always the employees that are constantly doing meaningless work just to prove they are worth the pay. Truth be told, they are sitting on job slots that are absolutely unneeded, and doing as much as you can to "prove you are at least doing something" sadly proves exactly the opposite.

Examples include approving and supervising the replacement of things that were working just fine. Telling people to obey meaningless policies while they them selves couldn't even figure out why it is necessary.

In some cases, the fact that the institution was doing just fine before his/her "new slot" was created supports the case of the slot's uselessness. If you find yourself struggling to figure out why you are paid, you should get a new job for your own good.

In a twist, people of this type are especially prevalent in governments, and sadly, even presidents or prime ministers of some countries struggle to show they are important.

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