Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What if Apple decided to make Digital still cameras?

Taking a page from how they made the iPod/iPhone...

  1. It would be ultra thin, with an amazingly glossy finger-print-collector shell
  2. Called the iCam
  3. Non-replaceable battery & built-in 16GB memory, no memory card slot
  4. It would only cost $600 at launch (which would drop to $400 2 months later, "isn't that fantastic?")
  5. Photos are locked in, you can only, "easily" get them out with iPhoto sync
  6. iPhoto would be available on Windows; iPhoto on the Mac would start blocking importing in photos from other cameras
  7. Natually, installing iPhoto on your Windows machine would also install Quicktime, iTunes, Safari and Apple software update
  8. It would only have a power button and a shutter button; double click to record videos, triple click to view photos... it's just that easy (maybe add on a touch screen)
  9. It would come with a lens that produce photos in your choice of mosaic art or Mr. Blurry cam; you would need to buy an overpriced, "designed for iCam" add-on lens to get usable pictures
  10. The 1st generation product would have no flash, with Steve Jobs claiming that people don't need flash (actually, that's coming in the 2nd generation)
  11. Again, zoom would not be added until the 3rd iteration
  12. AppleCare would cost $120
  13. It would be the #1 selling camera in the USA as long as there is an Apple logo on there
  14. Oh, and it would come with Apple logo stickers, free in the box

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